Port Crane

ActivaLead has the know-how and experience necessary to offer a high quality service in this type of disassembly so specific for any morphology, size and configuration of cranes (Portico, Picopato and mobile).

We are pioneers nationwide and one of the first operators in the world to perform controlled shutdowns of STS-gantry machines of more than 700 tons: from a study of the structure, it weakens at specific points transforming the crane into a mechanism which is brought to ground collapse by traction, lowering the machine on the spring protected by a layer of sand. This system represents a significant cost savings and minimizes the security risks of conventional disassembly.

If the conditions of the environment or the machine do not allow it, ActivaLead has extensive experience in dismantling cranes by exploding on a quayside with the assistance of lifting means (self-cranes).