What is ActivaLead?

ActivaLead is a technical consultant specialized in the integral Project management and Management of dismantling works of industrial facilities and machinery and port cranes based in Tarragona and with capacity to act throughout Spain.

Our projects include the elaboration of Technical Projects, the dismantling, dismantling and subsequent crushing of the affected assets, as well as the recovery of recoverable metals and waste treatment.

We are a company focused on SAFETY, SERVICE QUALITY AND THE USE OF DISASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY, where metals and their placement are an accidental contingency.

Project Management

Guaranteed Experience

We are the only national operator with experience in the demolition and controlled collapse of gantry cranes.

Project Management
in industrial dismantling

We manage and organize all the resources and people required to complete the project
in accordance with workplace safety laws and environmental regulations

5. Sales
Appraisal and sale
of recoverable materials
1. Planning
Development of technical dismantling projects and waste management plans
4. Environment
Environmentally friendly waste management
2. Ejecución
Ejecución material y control
de operaciones
3. Execution
Supervision and monitoring
of operations


To offer our clients QUALITY in the management of dismantling projects, SAFETY and CONTROL in the execution of the project, and economic EFFICIENCY